September 23, 2021
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7 Steps on How To Become a Blogger

7 Steps on How To Become a Blogger

Blogging is one of the hot picks of today’s time. Starting a blog is something that a lot of many people find indulging. Generally, most people start it off as a hobby which gradually turns into a full-time job. The best part of blogging is that anyone can do it. You do not need to have the technical knowledge to start blogging. It is just like pursuing your hobby. Today many people have started generating stable income just by blogging. As there are so many bloggers present, it isn’t easy to establish your mark. It is something similar to the saying, “Everyone can sing, but not everyone can sing well.” Saying so, it isn’t easy difficult or impossible either.  So, what makes one a successful blogger or how can one be a successful blogger? Below are some steps that would help you to be a successful blogger.

Step 1- Know Why You are Writing a Blog:

This is one of the first and foremost questions that you should ask yourself before writing. Why do you want to write and what is the purpose of your writing? It could be anything like maybe you just want to share an interest or to become a better writer or thinker, to make money or create a job. Whatever it is, just make sure you know the reason. It would really be difficult to be a successful blogger without having a purpose.

Step 2- Understand And Know Your Audience:

Whenever you are going to write something it is very important to know what kind of audience you want to attract with your reading. In other words, what category of readers do you want to attract. It is very important to know the mind of the audience before writing. One way to do this is to conduct research before writing. There is nothing that isn’t available on google. Before you start writing you can just search for a topic that you are going to write about. By this, you can check what comments or reviews were shared previously by readers. This would help in your content formation and in attracting target audiences to your blog.

Step 3- Choose The Correct Blogging Platform:

There are basically two types of blog platforms. One is free and the other is self-hosted. There are different blogging platforms available. The most popular platform which is used by the majority of bloggers is the WordPress Blog.  They have multiple free and paid plan options. Some other platforms which can be used for blogging are Blogger, Tumblr, medium, ghost, Squarespace, wfx. etc. They have different packages and you can select whichever works for you the best. One can also write a blog on google blog.

Step 4- Ideas For Blog:

It is a known fact that there are few things that will be read upon more than others. The success of blog writing depends on content. Hence, it is very important to come up with good content for the blog. Some of the most popular blog ideas to write are mentioned below:

  • Long- form or short form
  • Case study posts
  • Infographic posts
  • Customer story
  • Checklist or listicle posts
  • How to posts
  • Holiday posts
  • Industry news update posts
  • Guest blog posts
  • Expert profile posts
  • Curation of best content posts

Step 5- Creating Content:

You have got killer ideas and you have done all the planning, research. Now, you have to create the content. This is where you bring the content to life. There is a format that needs to be followed for a blog to be successful. The blog should start with a headline. This is the most important part as the audience will go further with the blog only if the headline catches their attention. After the headline, comes featured and body images. Following this is the introduction of your blog then the meta description. It is the little bit of text which you see under the title link in the search result. It actually gives a sneak peek at what the content is about and it also helps search engines to decide what post is about to categorize it.

After this, comes the subhead. It builds up the curiosity of the reader. Then comes data followed by content. The last thing to be added is call-to-action. It is just a section to leave comments and to add an email address. By this, you can send newsletters to your readers and notify them when a new blog is posted. This ensures that you have active readers and that they are intact.

Step 6- Publish And Promote Blog:

Consistency is the key if you want to be a successful blogger. Even though there is an option to save or to schedule a post, it is advisable to write a blog with the aim to publish it. After you publish, make sure that you make promotions for the blog by word of mouth or social media to ensure that your presence as a blogger is known by people. Do the research and make sure to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools to promote and boost your blog.

It isn’t difficult to be a successful blogger if you are consistent. You can also check out blogs of successful bloggers to get an idea of how you should carry it out. Along with that, the above-mentioned guidelines will help you to be a successful blogger.

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