September 23, 2021

You have selected the best business idea if you have a passion for art then why not use this passion for living. The craze for a tattoo in the young generation is increasing and this is the best time if you are a tattoo artist to make your living by following your passion.

The tattoo industry is booming and most people are now getting their body tattooed. This has become a new trend, and it is a good opportunity for you to start your own tattoo business. We have crafted a guide for you on How to Successfully Start Your Own Tattoo Shop.

How to Get Started With Tattoo Shop

The tattoo business is one of the lucrative businesses nowadays. Tattoo business can be tough sometimes as it requires meeting your customer demand. The tattoo industry is a big billion dollars industry and that is why there are a lot of competitors out there in the market. Here are the few things you need to do to successfully run your shop and even beat your competitors.

STEP 1- Make Your Business Plan

This is the very first step and is the most crucial one. You need to do a lot of research on your market to come up with a good business plan. A clear plan is important for an entrepreneur to successfully run their startup.

Guidelines for the Business Plan

  • Cover Sheet (company details – name, company, presenting team members, contact info)
  • Product or Service description
  • Customer or Market Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Highlights

We have curated a business plan presentation for you. Take a look and make your presentation just like this.

(Business Plan Presentation)

You have to carry out the following activities to successfully build your business plan.

Cost Involved in Tattoo Shop

The cost of opening a tattoo shop totally depends on what is the level of operation you are diving in. You have to take a look at all the costs involved to successfully run a tattoo business.

  • Workplace

A workplace is a place where your business will operate. The shop is the workplace and you need to open it in a good locality near a shop or in a crowded area. The more is the crowd the more will be the cost. A good workplace plays a very important role in your customer’s mind, it will make you look professional and it will attract many customers.

  • Artist

Artist is the heart of the tattoo business. If the artist is good then definitely you will conqueror your market area. A good artist will take a lot of fees or salary but the investment will be good as he will 2x your investment in no time. You can also start by yourself if you are a professional, it will cut down the cost.

  • Tattoo Equipment

Tattoo equipment is essential for an artist to make a tattoo without equipment artist cannot make a tattoo. It is essential to purchasing good quality certified equipment only to ensure safety for your customer. It will also build trust among your customer for you.

  • Website

As the world is going online, it has now become essential for any business to have an online presence. The need for a website to show your artwork to the world, book appointments online is helpful for the tattoo business. The website is easy to build with WordPress. You can also use any of these websites to safely purchase your domain, hosting, and SSL certificate.





Workplace Interiors

A tattoo shop is classified by its interiors. The interiors are the one which differentiates a tattoo shop from the rest. The need to have your furniture where your customer will sit and massage tables, the art gallery wall is a must for a tattoo shop to fully engage your customer. A good workplace interior can do wonders by converting a visitor into a paying customer.

Marketing Cost

As you are just started out, it is important to let people know about your business. You need to spend a good amount on your marketing campaign to grab customers in your initial days. You can give discounts or special offers to your customer to grab their attention.

Know Your Target Audience

It is important for any business to first know who will be your target audience, this varies from business to business. The kind of tattoo business you are operating in will give you your target audience.

If you are a freelancer then all the crowd going by your side in the market is your target audience you need to contact each one of them to find a paying customer, but if you have an art studio then you just need to advertise and the interested target audience will come in your shop directly. Normally young generations are the target audience with the age group of 18-35 years.

Your Monetization Plan

It is very important to have your monetization plan ready before starting out. It gives your business a clear perspective of how you will earn money. Normally a tattoo shop earns money from tattooing but there are a lot more ways from which you can simply multiply your income.

You could offer

  • Nose Piercing
  • Ear Piercing
  • Sell art works
  • Sell Products for Piercing
  • Sell After Care Products

STEP 2- Master The Art of Tattoo

It is important to be professional or trained before starting your own shop. It is suggested to get training from a local tattoo shop before opening your own shop. The work and the training will give you enough experience to start your own tattoo shop. You should have a complete understanding of all the business activities of the tattoo shop.

You can also hire a professional if you are not an artist. In this way, you need to invest a lot as a good artist will take a lot of salaries.

STEP 3- Legal Aspect of Your Business

It is necessary for any business to obtain some legal licenses and permits beforehand. In order to operate your business legally, it is important to take permission from the government.

The licenses vary from country to country. You have to take a look at your country’s laws regarding the tattoo business. Try considering a lawyer for it as it will save you a lot of time and he will obtain all the licenses on behalf of you for some fees.

  • Register Your Brand Name and Logo

It is important for any business to register a brand name and logo for carrying out their business operation. Try doing this activity before purchasing your domain name as it will secure your brand name for the future.

  • Register Your Company

It becomes very important for any business to register themselves with the government and obtain a certificate of incorporation to start their business activity. You can register your company in sole proprietorship if you are the sole owner or running your shop individually. You have other options too, such as a private limited, corporation, etc.

  • Open Your Current Account

It is essential for a business to open a business bank account or current account to take a loan or to manage all your business transactions. It is also essential to protect your personnel assets. It is always suggested to have a separate account, do not mix your personnel and business account together.

  • Make Record of All Your Transaction

It is mandatory by the government to make a record of all the business transactions. By making a record of the business transaction you can easily pay your taxes on time Hassel-free. It will also help you in finding your financial position.

  • Pay Taxes

It is important for a business to pay taxes on time to the government. Tax slabs or laws are different in different countries. You need to check what is the tax law in your country. Paying taxes on time also makes a business image good in the eyes of the government.

STEP 4- Market Your Brand

Now as you have all the knowledge of starting your own tattoo shop. The next thing you have to do is to market your brand to the people. A brand is the identity of your business, it is the name and logo of your business from which you are going to be remembered.

It is important to make a strong brand image to outcast your competitors.

The need for branding is very important in today’s world. There are many brands out there that are doing the same as you, you need to stand out of the crowd to build a powerful customer base.

  • Work on Your Marketing Plan

It is essential to do a lot of work on your marketing plan. You need to ensure a good flow of customers daily. You can do all these activities to grab the attention of customers.

  • Distributing Flyers
  • Distributing Banners
  • Promotion on Local Radios
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Discounts and Special Offers
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Word of Mouth
  • Grab Attention Before Opening Ceremony

You can also kick start your startup if you managed to grab the attention of customers before your opening ceremony. You can create hype in the market by allowing unique designs and hire a popular artist in your country to grab people’s attention. The more sooner you grab the attention the more beneficiary it will be for your brand. It is suggested to start marketing your brand before 2 months of its opening day.

  • Attract Customers from Customer

It is the most critical one as the craze of social media is increasing, people are going online on every social media platform whether it is Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Quora.

You can give discounts to the customer for uploading the picture of the tattoo by tagging your tattoo shop in their stories.

It will surely attract many visitors to your shop as it will use as a free marketing tool for your brand by targeting your next potential customers from your existing one.

That’s it

The tattoo industry is huge and to make a space for yourself requires a lot of hard work and passion. If the tattoo is your passion then don’t look behind just go and implement all these steps and I am sure you will hit success sooner or later.

If you have any doubt regarding the article then do let us know in the comment section.

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