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Our mission is to bring financial literacy for everyone.

India is home to around 17% population of the world. out of this only 24% are financially literate. This reveals the pressing need to educate the masses about finance and savings.

Calculate your interest rate on your fixed deposits and subtract inflation rate, you will get your return on investment on fixed deposit. If you compare it with past few years data you will see it keeps on declining. 

Nobody is born rich. everyone gets 24 hour to prove themselves, have you wonder why there are only few rich people up there in the chart? Because they had the golden mantra through which they maximized their return. 


Join us in our mission to provide financial knowledge for everyone.

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The Best Demat Account To Start Trading

Checkout some of the best demat account to start your financial journey. You need different type of car for different scenario just like you need different demat account for different decisions.

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Roadmap to financial independence

Checkout the roadmap curated by skilledcave for your financial independence journey. Before you board for a life transforming journey you need to plan your trip. Just smile and live.